Double Sided Poster Frames

Ever thought what a waste the rear of display frame is? If you have, then you are not alone because some bright spark has invented just what you have been looking for – the double sided poster frame. These display frames do exactly what they say on the tin, and they are a fantastic way to double your exposure at the next exhibition or trade fair that your business may be attending. But, it doesn’t stop there.

In-store double-sided poster frames

Double sided poster frames are great on home turf too. Use them in-store for maximum impact and you will undoubtedly see an increased ROI on your marketing budget as your message is being seen twice as much.

Here you can view our full range of poster frames.

Double sided poster frames in stock:

We stock a wide range of poster frames, in various sizes:

Here at Jansen Display we pride ourselves on quality, and these poster frames are just that – so why not give them a try today? We know that you will be delighted with the results that they’ll bring.