A4 Snap Frame Oak

  • Clip Frame A4: high quality wooden frame with easy poster change.

    Elegant, resistant and durable. Your messages always in view!

    • High quality A4 Oak poster frame. 25 mm wooden effect profile.
    • Easy to use: quick poster replacement.
    • Anti-glare, UV stable front panel with impact protection.
    • High resistance to impacts.
    • Available in various formats and colours. Find your ideal design!
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Detail Description A4 Snap Frame Oak

Snap Frames A4 - Further Information

Often known as A4 snap display frames or A4 snap poster frames, our A4 silver snap frames with a 25mm profile is the most popular variant sold in the UK. Pine & Oak are also popular, please note these are not included in the fireproof range these are only available with a 25mm profile. If you require black snap frames, A4 is the smallest size we stock in large quantities. 

As we are a manufacturer, we ensure all of our products are of the highest quality. Meaning you can rely on a high quality A4 Snap Frames. Cheap to buy but they won't let you down and are suitable for everyday use. Also, all of our snap frames have the UV stable anti glare front sheet included as standard.

Our range of snap frames varies from A0 to A5. Snap Frames, A4 poster size, are the most common and A4 is the size of paper used everywhere in everyday life.

A4 Snap Frames, UK and Worldwide availability

Thanks to our extensive delivery network, we are able to ship to most countries in the world. However, if your order is for somewhere outside of Europe, please call us on 01480 479231 to confirm.

We keep a wide range of profiles and colours in stock which are ready for next working day delivery if ordered before 13:00. Therefore, if you need 1 or 1000 A4 aluminium snap frames delivering to Land's End or John o' Groats, we've got you covered!

A4 Snap Frame Dimensions

241mm wide x 328mm high

A4 piece of paper

I have a few questions, can you help?

Certainly, to quote Mrs Doubtfire "Help is on the way, dear!" If you need to contact us please call 01480 479231 or email info@jansen-display.co.uk However, before you do, please take a look at the FAQ's below as they may be able to help you. 

Q: I am looking for a snap frame, a4 poster size, which is suitable for outdoor use. Do you supply A4 waterproof snap frames?
A: We supply a
weather resistant variant which is suitable for outdoor use.

Q: I am planning a large a4 snap frame poster display for my local school, can you deliver during our school hours?
A: Our delivery is next working day as standard if ordered before 13:00. When ordering, please inform us of the time restrictions and we will book the appropriate service with out couriers. 

Q: I need to buy snap frames, a4 or a3 size. Are these available in black or just the standard silver?
A: Our silver snap frames, a4 & a3 are both stock items and are available in black as standard too. 

Q: I need a security frame, do you supply an A4 snap lock frame?
A: We manufacture a tamper-proof variant which is available in a 20mm profile  

Q: I need to order various items, 20 x aluminium snap frames A4 poster size, 50 in black and 50 in red. They need to to be delivered to 2 different addresses, if this possible? 
A: This will be fine, however you will need to state the addresses when placing the order & the quantities required to each address. For example, 15 of the silver snap frame, A4 poster size with all of the black going to one address and the remaining items (red and 5 silver) to the other address. 

Q: I see the a4 poster snap frames come in a range of colours, is there a limit to the colours available?
A: If you have RAL colour we can manufacture the frame to your specification.