About Us

In October 2019 Jansen Display UK was purchased by Unipos Systems. Therefore, in the UK Jansen Display is trading as Jansen Display - A Unipos Company. Jansen Display was founded in 1995. They are the European market leader in field of development, production and sales of products for visual communication.

We focus on POS advertisement, products from aluminium f.e. frames, clip frames, informational and advertisement boards, brochure and leaflet holders and also digital products - digital signage.

As part of the Unipos group, we can also offer a full range of retail solutions.


European production, international market

Jansen Display have large warehouse with capacity around 5000 pieces of euro pallets in the Czech Republic. We develop, produce and also sell our products all around the world. Our employees work hard on shipping goods and euro pallets right after your stock orders. Our products are helping our customers to provide them better visual communication to their clients and customers. Jansen Display partners are reselling our products in the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia and other countries. 

Stability, reliability, quality

    • Experience in field of visual communication since 1995
    • Modern process of production and central European warehouse in the Czech Republic
    • Network of sales offices with local customer service in 7 European countries
  • 1700 types of materials and goods which are accepted to our warehouse every month
  • 125 000 pieces of products which we monthly deliver to 1200 different customers 
  • During 24 hours all the process is done - from production to expedition

Nowadays we offer more than 2000 products in dozens categories. These products can be customized individually on your request.


Continuous Growth of the Company (turnover in mil EUR)