Chalkboards, sometimes written as chalk boards, are the perfect way to tell your customers about regularly changing promotions and deals that you may have on offer. Whether you own a pub, restaurant, café or retail outlet - chalkboard signs are one of the quickest, most effective ways of keeping your clientele informed.

Our range or quality chalkboards:

Here at Jansen Display we have a wide range available. From the humble café chalkboard through to the magnetic chalkboard that can receive magnetic markers, we have you covered. The pavement chalkboard is ubiquitous along Britain’s High Streets and can be seen both inside and outside of premises the length and breadth of the country. If you are looking for an extremely cost-effective way of getting your message across to the widest possible audiences, a good old-fashioned pavement, table top or wall mounted chalkboard is probably your safest bet. Order yours here today.