DC Fast Charging Nikola Totem

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Technical specification of product DC Fast Charging Nikola Totem

Version Single-sided
Width (mm) 300
Width (mm) 800
Height (mm) 2000
Electrical energy Yes
Colour White
Doors number of locks 0
  • An outdoor durable high-speed DC power charger offers the ideal opportunity to offer your clients or colleagues a quick and convenient charge for their electric cars. The maximum output current is up to 1x50 kW DC, 1x100 kW DC or 2x100 kW DC according to the selected model. The charger is specially made for places where drivers spend more time, such as rest areas, restaurants, sports grounds or shopping malls. The charger is supplied as standard with cables with CHAdeMo and CCS combo connectors. The charger meets the IP55 certification for water jetting resistance.

The product is no longer on offer