Snap Frames

High-quality aluminium clip frames with easy poster change

Elegant, resistant and durable. Your messages always in view! High quality snap frames with lowest price guarantee.

We offer a wide range of snap frames in several sizes, colours and formats to suit your needs. Our selection of products range from highly resistant aluminium clip frames in all common sizes to special poster frames including lockable poster cases as well as fire-rated, illuminated and double-sided snap frames. We also manufacture bespoke snap frames to order.

Snap Frame 100x140

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Tamper-proof Snap Frame

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Premium Compasso Snap Frame

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LED Poster Frame (50x70)

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A1 LED Poster Frame

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Why buy your poster frames with Jansen Display?

Jansen Display's poster frames meet high quality standards and are easy to install both indoors and outdoors, allowing a wide range of advertising and communication uses. In addition, our professional aluminium frames are built including an easy-to-open mechanism to allow you to replace your posters quickly and effortlessly.

At Jansen Display, we have been manufacturing frames for over 25 years. Our experience allows us to provide a guaranteed high quality standards. We also offer big volume discounts as well as expert advice from our team.

Clip frames: Make yourself noticed

Our poster frames are one of the most popular means of presentation thanks to their enormous versatility and ease of use. Snap frames are used for all kinds of communication purposes ranging from advertising, promotion, corporate communication and much more.

Snap frames FAQs

What can I use poster frames for?

Snap frames, also known as poster frames or clip frames are used to present virtually any idea or message that can be reflected in an image or advertising text. This, together with their ease of use and installation, makes them a ubiquitous communication support that allows messages to be displayed in a professional and elegant manner.

The easy-open frame systems also allow for flexible and quick content changes. This makes them the ideal presentation medium for public areas with a constant flow of personnel, as they allow advertising content and updated information to be published effortlessly.

Clip frames have an additional advantage: they can be integrated perfectly into any environment. So, depending on their placement, they can be used to highlight an important message or promotion or even to influence our users in a subtle way.

Among the most common uses of poster frames are: product, company and event promotion, corporate communication, or publication of practical information.

What types of snap frames are there?

At Jansen Display we have a wide variety of frames for all kinds of uses:
  • Indoor and (weatherproof) outdoor frames.
  • LED illuminated frames to ensure greater visibility and impact of your messages.
  • Single and double-sided frames.
  • Frames with rounded and mitred corners.
  • Security and lockable frames, to guarantee the safety of your messages.
  • Fireproof frames. Ideal for the presentation of safety information (e.g. important information in case of fire).
In addition to these features, our frames are available in different sizes, colours and designs that will allow you to choose the model that best suits your needs.

How do I use a clip frame?

Our snap frames are easily installed with screws attached to the wall. Their front opening system allows you to replace the posters in a matter of seconds. This is one of the main advantages of our professional snap frames, designed to serve as a dynamic tool for communication and advertising.